Private Appraisals

Our appraiser will come to your location and inspect your vehicle.  This inspection generally takes 30 to 45 minutes.  Once we have found the Vehicle Identification Number (V.I.N.), we want to match it to the ownership and to any other significant numbers for authenticity.

Then we determine the vehicle's overall condition and age, look for indications of wear and tear, and relate it to the odometer reading.  This comparison is important for understanding the aging process of the vehicle.

Body lines, fit of the panels, any corrosion or damage, and paint colourization all are documented.  Trim, glass and interiors are checked to add data towards the overall condition.

We like the vehicle to be started and running, in order to appraise the engine and all the other mechanical components.  If the vehicle is not seen running this will affect the overall value significantly. We do not test drive due to necessary insurance provisions.

We also inspect for leaks, residue, wiring and overall cleanliness.

Authenticity and desirability affects values greatly.  Model types, paint types, interior, special options, accessories and engines go a long way in evaluating your vehicles authenticity.  Desirability may not be reflected in a Pricing guide, but it may be an important factor to you, and you should be aware that this factor may have swayed you to purchase at a price unfavourable at this time.  Investing in vehicles is a tricky practice.  But as in housing, the value will be upgraded by time and improvements, so we like to point out the areas where your vehicle can be improved to help you with your investment and love of the Classics.